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Honalua Bay – heath ofee dot com

“On my fifth day in Maui, my true love gave to meeeee….Hona-a-lu-ua Bay”

Okay, well she didn’t really GIVE it to me, but I did manage to get a day to myself to drive/shoot the entire west and north coasts of the island. I left from Kihei and made my way all the way around the coast to Wailuku, braving the very narrow single-lane ‘highway’ that begins a ways past Kapalua.

One of the highlights of this drive was the view of Honalua Bay you see below. The colour of the water was absolutely amazing, and you can see why this is a great snorkeling destination (all of those little dots are snorkelers doing their thing).

19 thoughts on “Honalua Bay

  1. The water is absolutely unreal looking – and as much as I have been against the fish, I really dig it in this shot. Brings your eye right around the frame and back to the boats.

  2. Wow – great shot Heath. This is a great spot for snorkeling. When we were there we took one of those catamarans up the coast to this spot and did some snorkeling. Fantastic! Really like your choice of lens and how you captured the whole scene from this side. You really captured the colors nicely.

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