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The Dry Side – heath ofee dot com

One of the most amazing things about Maui is the extremely diverse ecosystem. On one tiny island you can find rainforest full of ridiculous waterfalls, rugged coastline with aggressive surf, dry, arid hillsides with scrubby brush, and gorgeous white sand beaches. And all of this can be seen during a days worth of driving. Crazy.

Today’s shot is from the drier, west side of the island just south of Lahaina.

11 thoughts on “The Dry Side

  1. This is a wonderful shot! I love the textures and the complexity of the colors in this photo! Well done! It’s hard to believe this is Hawaii!

  2. What did you do to Hawaii? Did you break it?

    Seriously. I forgot you were there. When I opened it, I thought it was somewhere in Arizona.

    Great shot. Love the light and tones.

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