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Maui Sunset – heath ofee dot com

As some of you may know, I was in Maui all of last week for my best bud’s wedding. I’d never been before and couldn’t have been more excited to spend some quality time with my friends and, obviously, shoot the crap out of that little island. As it turned out, I didn’t shoot quite as much as I had expected to, but I think I have a good sampling of material from all over Maui.

Now that I’m back, I figured the best way to start off the series of images is with my parting memory of Hawaii. I hadn’t shot a sunset all week (terrible, I know) but knew I had to before I left. So, on the last night, just a few hours before I was due to catch my flight home, I set up shop along the beach outside my condo and soaked in what was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. Hands down. Please, enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Maui Sunset

  1. Such a beautiful scene! It’s been such a long time since i’ve been to Hawaii and this is making want to go back. The colors in the sky are amazing!

  2. Absolutely fantastic. Looks like you stayed at or near the same place I did on my trip in June, or a little south perhaps. Lahaina? Was there only 5 days, and most of the shots I got were sunsets. Maui has some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen, and you captured this one perfectly.

  3. This is a beautiful image, Heath. One of your finest. I love the silhouetting too… makes it less specific and less about the people on the beach, and more about the idea of being at the beach at sunset and just taking it all in.

  4. We have been to Maui about six times. I simply sit and soak in the sunsets on the West shore. These picture always look so familiar. I have seen several people comment that Maui doesn’t have good sunsets. They were always great for me … as well as all of the other locations and times of day. The only thing that was a major downer was the time we took some take-out chicken down to a nice cove but got eaten alive with some kind of voracious black flying bug. Drove us back in the car and back to Kaanapali. Almost on a par with Montana mosquitos.

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