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Waterton – heath ofee dot com

I decided to go back through the images I shot last fall in Waterton Lakes National Park to see if I could put together a couple more posts – and I think I was successful. While most of these images probably don’t warrant an entire post to themselves, taken as a set they really show off some of the beauty to be seen in the park. I’d love to be able to get back out to this amazing spot this coming summer as the lakes are absolutely stunning.

17 thoughts on “Waterton

  1. These are excellent Heath, Waterton Lakes National Park looks truly beautiful, I’m not surprised you want to go back! I really like the way you have combined colour and B&W in this post, it is very effective.

  2. So nice, man! I was so intrigued by the house/hotel in the b&w image and then when you presented the same house/hotel with the deer – frick’n amazing! Such a wonderful scene. I need to get back up that way and hit up this national park. Looks like a wonderful place.

  3. Heath: Lovely photos! Did you check out the Waterton pictures and film from Bill Oliver in the “day”. Many of his photos feature my grandparents Jem & Vic Valentine. Would love to use your picture of the Anderson foyer in my costume store blog. feefifofun.blogspot.com I’m doing a short piece on moving and memories. Jem lived in the Anderson for many years raising my mom there after WWII. I would source you of course! Let me know.

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