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Hellmouth – heath ofee dot com

One of the great things about shooting with a group of other photographers is the sharing of knowledge and ideas. New techniques that you may not have tried before come to light and subjects you may not have photographed otherwise make their way onto your memory card.

One of the downsides of shooting with a group of other photographers is that, inevitably, you end up with some similar compositions. This is the case with my shot today. My good buddy, Mike Olbinski, posted a frame of this same location with a slightly different composition a little while ago. I absolutely love his shot, but I couldn’t just let mine sit on the hard drive – so Mike, please forgive me 🙂

As for the title – I thought the creepy, salt encrusted old pier could pass for the ferry dock where one would begin their journey across the River Styx into Hades. Setting off across that eerily calm water towards the burning sunset in the distance would certainly creep me out!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L
B+W 77mm 10 stop ND Filter

21 thoughts on “Hellmouth

  1. Mike and I captured this shot earlier in the evening so we didn’t have that fiery sky! I really like the rock in the bottom of the frame too. Now that you posted this mine may just have to sit on the HD for a bit longer…

  2. Love it, I know what you mean about letting it live on your HD. I have been WAITING for you all to get these shots out. Instead, been posting shots of sad fishes, lol.

    Honestly though, I think you folks ended up with better shots, but I’ll try anyway. 🙂

  3. Love that fact that you let this one be in color. So many of these shots are black and white. Your color version is beautiful. And creepy. Something about old crusty pilings plunging deep into the dark water. You just don’t know what’s down there… 🙁

  4. My goodness. I’m reminded of the 10stop.

    I currently have a 6 stop. I just need a 4 stop to stack I guess. Would your recommend that or would that hit on quality at all? What would a 12stop do? lol go bigger!

    Love the colours and crisp clarity here. High quality!

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