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Monolith – heath ofee dot com

I think this is my favourite building in Calgary. It’s called Palliser South, and sits just south and east of the iconic Calgary Tower. It’s definitely not the tallest building in the city, nor does it have the most grand foyer, but there’s something about the lines of the exterior that just sucks me in. I find myself staring up at it every time I pass by…which is twice a day since I park just across the street from it. Shooting it from any angle just makes me happy.

I’ve posted much more complex compositions of this building in the past, but today I thought I’d go with something simple.

17 thoughts on “Monolith

  1. Right up my alley with this type of shot. You know what, though? It would be cool to try to mask in a sky with some clouds and apply a motion or radial blur.

    But, that would kill the minimalist look you went for, too.

  2. Cool shot Heath – I like the composition and always can get down with a nice repeating pattern. I agree with Brian – might be interesting to experiment with some sky masking or FP, etc., but I like the simplicity this offers.

  3. I like it this way. Simple sometimes works best. I think in this way you captured the design of building a bit better by the center framing; given that it’s blocky and all.

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