Monthly Archives: July 2011


Since I got my Holga 135, I’ve been waiting to see some of those famous Holga light leaks appear on a frame. A couple of weeks ago I got what I asked for…a nice red/orange streak through a part of the frame. Imperfection. I love it. #FilmFriday


Contrasting light can be a great compositional tool.

New Growth

This is a shot from my trip to the Kootenays earlier this year. I think I mentioned the huge forest fire that took out an enormous portion of this forest in a previous post. You can see more of that devastation in this shot, but you also get a peek at the new growth that […]

The Web

Sometimes the simple things are what satisfy most.

Two Bits

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, so I’ll probably be a man of few words here on the blog. Back to the Calgary Stampede for a simple shot of a 25 cent game at the midway.