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Wapta Falls – heath ofee dot com

Let me tell you, the 2km hike to get to Wapta Falls is well worth it. This huge waterfall is very impressive to see, and my photo definitely does not do it justice. The sound is extraordinary and the sheer volume of water flowing over the falls every second is truly something to behold. Unfortunately, without some sort of small boat or the will to get wet and cold, there isn’t an easy way to get a shot of the falls from the bottom. So I had to make do with the few compositions I could find, and this is my favourite.

19 thoughts on “Wapta Falls

  1. What a stunning sight. I like the little log in the foreground and that mountain off in the distance. What a marvelous scene. Don’t mind me while I sit here and listen to the raging water!

  2. Wow, so many different elements within one frame! Rock, wood, still water, green moss, the falls, mountains and an amazing sky ta boot! Nice work!

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