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So…I bought a new toy. A Fujifilm X100

I placed my preorder with my local camera store a few months ago, and due to the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, my camera didn’t arrive here in Calgary until yesterday afternoon (about a month after it was expected). Thankfully, none of the workers in the Fujifilm factory that was affected by the tsunami were hurt or killed.

I brought up the idea of purchasing this camera with a handful of my twitter pals…and for the most part, they were skeptical of how much use I’d get out of a pricey compact with a fixed 35mm lens. I completely understood their concern, but I really had my heart set on this camera. I’ve always wanted something small that I can carry around with me everywhere without the need to lug around a bag full of gear, and the X100 seemed to fit the bill perfectly (plus, it looks fantastic!). I guess time will tell how much use I end up getting out of it.

I’ve been nursing a serious head cold for the past few days, and yesterday was probably the worst day so far…as a result, I didn’t spend too much time outside testing my new toy. I did get a few shots from the 10 minute walk around my neighbourhood…the first of which is below.

Fujifilm Finepix X100, Fujinon 23mm f/2.0, 23mm, F 2.0, ISO 200, 1/240 sec

As always, I used onOne PhotoTools (part of the onOne Perfect Photo Suite) to process this photo. If you’ve never used this amazing Photoshop plugin, I’d highly recommend it…almost every shot that hits this blog is touched by at least one onOne Software product. If you’re in the market for something like this, make sure you check out the ridiculous sale they’re having right now. The entire Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 is on sale for $349.95 from May 1 through May 15…that’s a savings of $150! You can’t go wrong.

14 thoughts on “Linked Up

  1. Congrats on the new toy Heath! I think anything that challenges you to create a different image or creat images differently is probably good for the creative! This is a cool image and shows off a nice dof! Look forward to more from the new gear!

  2. Great DOF! I love having a compact camera…it really makes taking pictures on the go so much easier. Sometimes carrying the full bag of gear just isn’t workable. Looking forward to the next picture from your new toy! 🙂

  3. Looks like you shot it with your 50D and fast 50mm – sweet DoF, really creative shot. F/2.0 is wide – wondering if you enhanced blur with FocalPoint?

  4. <-One of the skeptical people. I have to admit though, that is one sexy camera. That bokeh is RIDICULOUS. Just plain awesome and really impressive. Looking forward to more and feel better!

  5. Pretty awesome quality! I was going to say this is really clean and then read the intro writing – X100!!! That camera looks so awesome. Congrats on getting the awesome camera and I look really forward to more and more photos!!!!

  6. Now that’s a sexy looking camera – looks very well built; and this shot of yours isn’t too bad either. Nice stuff. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a new bit of tech every now and then.

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