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Easter Seals Drop Zone 2012 – heath ofee dot com

Last Thursday I was part of a team of volunteer photographers covering the Easter Seals Drop Zone here in Calgary. Over 100 participants (mostly dressed as superheroes) who raised a minimum of $1500 each rappelled 30 stories down the side of the Sun Life Tower in support of Easter Seals. The goal this year was to raise $200,000 and they absolutely blew that out of the water reaching a total of over $300,000!

I was lucky enough to be placed on the roof all day to shoot the participants as they were getting clipped in and made the first few terrifying steps down the building. It was pretty amazing to watch some of the superheroes conquer their fears and I can’t say enough positive things about the climbing support team from RAT and Crux Climbing and Bouldering. The entire team was so fun and supportive and made me feel completely safe while I was clipped in to the roof all day.

Big thanks to Jason over at Crush Photography who organized all of us photographers for the day – you did a great job, buddy!

And for last, here’s a screenshot taken from the GoPro helmet cam from one of the participants who works for a local news station. I’m in full power pose photographing this dude 🙂

11 thoughts on “Easter Seals Drop Zone 2012

  1. Heath, your shots reasonate with excitement, fear and determination – all the necessary emotions that come with a rooftop. Thank-you for volunteering your time. You really captured the emotions that come with participating in Drop Zone. Super job.

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