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The Way I Saw It: V – heath ofee dot com

This will likely be my last ‘collage’ post from New York City. Five instalments is decent and I feel like I have a pretty representative collection of images.

While I’ll still post an image here and there from New York, I feel like I’m closing the chapter on this trip – and I’m already itching for the next one. In January I’ll be heading to Palm Springs, CA where I’ll be spending some time in Joshua Tree National Park and perhaps visiting the Salton Sea area again. If anyone has some insight into other spots I should hit in the area, I’m definitely open to suggestions!

19 thoughts on “The Way I Saw It: V

  1. These collages of your trip have been great. Enjoyed the pics especially the ones of others in your group.
    Nice way to end off with that shot of Brian.
    Great stuff Heath. Thanks for sharing.

  2. An exhibition all to itself. Fantastic variety of work. You’ve got a great eye not just for the big picture but the quirky little things we so often miss. Enjoy Palm Springs – when we were there it was 110 degrees. A bit warm!

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