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Fish Creek Park: Calgary Family Photographer – heath ofee dot com

Last week marked the third year in a row that I’ve photographed this family – and it gets more fun each time. The energy of these three girls is infectious and I can’t help but have a great time whenever I’m shooting them.

Watching these three grow over the years has been fantastic, and I can’t wait to capture their smiling faces again next year 🙂

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon 50mm f/1.4
BlackRapid RS-4 Camera Strap

15 thoughts on “Fish Creek Park: Calgary Family Photographer

  1. Dude Heath, nice job my friend. These are all rocking. What an awesome location too!

    That picture of the mom with her head on daddy’s chest…she looks exhausted 🙂

    Beautiful family!

  2. I’m a little disappointed that every now and then when I visit friends who have children that I don’t come away with shots like these – they’re awesome, and I trust the family are exceptionally happy with them. The triptychs with the girls pulling faces are wonderful. Top work; you rock that 50mm.

  3. very nice shots man. Really good set.

    When I say the first shot in the open field, I was looking for a zombie in the background someplace… (man I need sleep :|)

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