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Simon + Megan: Calgary Maternity Shoot – heath ofee dot com

A week and a half ago I had an awesome maternity session with Simon and Megan – despite the (somewhat) early hour I forced them out of bed 😉 I’ve known these two for a couple of years now, and I have no doubt that they’re going to be wonderful parents when the time comes.

9 thoughts on “Simon + Megan: Calgary Maternity Shoot

  1. Nice one Heath, Megan looks radiant throughout. I love that penultimate shot – would be great to see that one retaken in a few years with the child stood between them.

  2. These are some seriously cool shots, and I don’t even dig maternity shots all that much. I totally love the shot with the two of them on the bench, as the pose and look on Simon just cracks me up. Your work is such an inspiration!

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