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Auburn Bay Family Shoot – heath ofee dot com

24 thoughts on “Auburn Bay Family Shoot

  1. Very inventive and lovely series, Heath. Love the B&W of boy on mom’s shoulders. You certainly made the best of a less than perfect day. The mark of a true photographer. Well done, Heath!

  2. Nice work brother. I’ve found that few people can really excel at both portraiture work AND landscape/travel work. They usually are great on just one side or the other. But you seem to have a great eye on both sides of the spectrum, and really managed to capture this family in a natural way. Cheers!

  3. Heath, these are fantastic! You captured some lovely moments, and I love the flow of the shots! Dude, you totally rock!

  4. These are great man! You did such a good job with the details – I love the reflection shots! You also can’t beat the ones of the little boy taking pictures of his monkey, great job!

  5. Gorgeous family, *adorable* little boy, great photos! Love your use of depth of field in this set, and compositions. Hope that one day I will be as good as photographing people as you are …

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