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Millennium Bridge – heath ofee dot com

I decided to dive deep into the archives for my shot today. In 2007, I took a 12 day trip to London shortly after I had purchased my very first digital SLR. I took an obscene amount of photographs while I was there, but looking back, I didn’t come away with a whole bunch of what I would now consider ‘keepers’. Obviously, this is to be expected when on one’s first journey with a new piece of equipment…plus it gives me a great excuse to get back to London so I can shoot it properly 😉

Of the good photos I did manage to take while I was there, this is hands down my favourite (even though it is quite a ‘touristy’ shot). The juxtaposition of the ultra modern with the extremely old is something that is present almost anywhere you walk in London, and this shot is no exception. Millennium Bridge set against St. Paul’s Cathedral. Awesomeness.

Canon Rebel XTi, Tamron 28-80mm, 51mm, F 8.0, ISO 100, 8 sec

22 thoughts on “Millennium Bridge

  1. I think that bridge got destroyed in one of the last few Harry Potter movies. They sure got it re-built fast!

    I love the shot though, definitely cool compression like Jesse said.

  2. Gorgeous shot – love that it’s in B&W! Clearly, I need to travel out of this country more. Oh hey, an XTi? That was my first DSLR too!

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