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Catherine and Andrew – heath ofee dot com

I’ve something a little different to share today. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting some lifestyle photos for a colleague of mine and her husband. They missed out on the engagement photo train before they got hitched, and they wanted some photos in that style…and I was more than happy to help out!

We did the shoot in Fish Creek Park just as the sun was setting over the hills, and although we missed a bit of the sunset, we still got some great shots. I had an absolute blast hanging out and shooting with Catherine and Andrew, and had even more fun editing the shots. Smiles come easy to these two, and there were some pretty funny outtakes. For now, here are a few of my favourites from the shoot.

5 thoughts on “Catherine and Andrew

  1. Nice work ofee!

    Inspired perhaps by your own engagement photos?

    I love the fall setting man…

    Keep up the good work homey.. Your photos are becoming more and more diverse by the day.


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