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DUMBO Sunrise – heath ofee dot com

I must seem a little schizophrenic these days…photos from New York – Hawaii – New York – Hawaii. I just had such a great time in both places, and I love sharing how I saw both locations. Soooo…back to NYC today!

The one sunrise I caught while in New York was on the morning of the epic 18 hour photowalk with the now infamous photog crew that gathered there. We began the day in an area of Brooklyn called DUMBO which offers great views of the lower Manhattan skyline along with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. While it would have been nice to have a few clouds in the sky, we were blessed with some wonderfully warm light as the sun started to come over the horizon. I think we call came away with some sort of composition with the light spilling onto this boardwalk with the Manhattan bridge in the background – but we all saw it slightly differently. This is my take.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L
B+W 77mm 10-stop ND Filter

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