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Gasoline Alley – The Sharmeter – heath ofee dot com

In addition to classic cars, Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park also has a large number of old gasoline pumps and gauges on display. The elegant pump stations and rotary dials volume dials are a fascinating look into our past. Such time and care was put into making each pump unique and as beautiful as possible – something that just doesn’t happen these days. I’d love to see the gallons (or liters here in Canada) rack up on a rotary dial each time I fill up – ahhh, the good old days.

9 thoughts on “Gasoline Alley – The Sharmeter

  1. You are so right about the construction of things from the past, and these gauges are a clear indicator of that. It is the small details I miss most. Cars with sleek curves, the little details on these gauges, and stuff that did not come with a planned obsolescence date. Good stuff today, Heath!

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