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Tea for Two – heath ofee dot com

In addition to the 15mm fisheye I rented for the trip, I also opted to try out the Canon 24mm tilt shift. I’m hoping to use the shift functionality to build some panoramas of what I can only imagine are the amazing views to be had in Hawaii. As with the fisheye, I had to do a bit of experimentation before I left.

I’ve never really done any still life photography before, but I got home with these lenses and saw that this little tea set had placed itself just outside my office. I’d never seen it before, which is a little strange, but I was intrigued enough by it to take it out to my back steps for a few shots.

As it turns out, my wife’s grandmother had given this tea set to her in the hopes that I’d be able to photograph it. It belonged to my wife’s great-grandmother, and when her house burned down years and years ago, this was the only thing that was salvaged. Glad I could be a part of this bit of nostalgia, and I hope I’ve done this little gem justice.

13 thoughts on “Tea for Two

  1. Nicely done, Heath. All that’s missing is a pack of chamomile or spearmint tea. =)

    (Side note…and this is my own biased opinion…you should buy–not rent–a fisheye lens. =) )

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