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No Words – heath ofee dot com

This is one of those shots that I had to get while up at the summit of Sulphur Mountain. Those lookout/binocular things are just too cool to pass up 🙂

While you get a bit of the view of valley in which the town of Banff sits in this shot, there is really no substitute for actually being there and seeing it for yourself. No words can describe how amazing it is to be on top this mountain looking down at such epic beauty.

32 thoughts on “No Words

  1. I would LOVE to be there right now! This is why I love seeing others photogs work, because you could very easily just take a picture of the mountains and forget about the viewer (which I think adds to the picture). Great eye Heath.

  2. Damn man, that is one amazing view. I love the composition with the viewfinder in the foreground, really gives it a sense of depth! This is breathtaking!

  3. Wow! Those Canadian viewers sure are high tech! Ours are a little more retro in the States 😉 Gorgeous shot Heath! I will be visiting this shot a few more times throughout the day 🙂

  4. Haven’t been there for years. Great shot. Love the post work, or as I love to call it. Polishing your image.

  5. Been waiting for this one, dude. I thought it was so cool how most of the valley was in shadow, and Banff was the only thing lit up. You captured that quite nicely here.

  6. Commented on the fly by phone yesterday, now I’ve seen this in large just have to say the processing here is awesome, the bino’s look like molten metal, the wood rail has amazing texture and the mountains are awesome

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