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Alien Abstract

While driving to Invermere a couple weekends ago, I noticed a large pool of standing water in the ditch on the side of the highway. The pool was directly underneath an interesting rock formation, so I made a note to myself (and my wife) that I needed to head back to that location with my gear the next day. What you see below is the result. The pool provided a perfect reflection of the rock above, and I felt that an abstract crop worked well with the subject.

I hope all my American friends remember and enjoy the Memorial Day holiday.

murphyz - May 30, 2011 - 8:01 am

Excellent symmetry, and I like how the lower section has all of the imperfections. Happy Memorial Day 🙂

Brian Matiash - May 30, 2011 - 8:29 am

Wonderful shot, Heath. This truly is an excellent abstract… and yet still familiar.

Hansrico - May 30, 2011 - 8:36 am

Great abstract! It almost looks like you are looking down on the subject. Happy Memorial Day!

andy gimino - May 30, 2011 - 10:39 am

Awesome heath! Love this one…you saw the op amd you took it..nicely done!

Chris Frailey - May 30, 2011 - 11:08 am

Great eye for spotting this Heath. Awesome capture.

Bob Lussier - May 30, 2011 - 1:21 pm

Love this shot, Heath! Great symmetry and great processing. I love the details.

Curt Fleenor - May 30, 2011 - 2:02 pm

The symmetry and detail are amazing – nice work!

Jan Winther - May 30, 2011 - 5:59 pm

I really dig this reflection. Its one of those things I look for when Im close to water. Great shot!

Rob (@rbp2) - May 30, 2011 - 6:29 pm

Nice work! I like the sleek line that the cropping made with the reflection/rocks!

Scott Webb - May 31, 2011 - 9:33 am

Can’t go wrong with abstract every once in a while.

Mike Olbinski - May 31, 2011 - 12:35 pm

This is sweet Heath, totally digging the subtle reflection. I mean, it is obviously a reflection, but at the same time, it’s almost hard to tell.

Ben Tucker - June 4, 2011 - 9:38 am

Really like this, the reflection is sooo sharp! Good title too, it does look very alien!