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Infinity – heath ofee dot com

Ah, to be back in Palm Springs basking in the sun while sipping a cold one. Soon enough…

This is the second shot I’ve posted from this amazing house I had the pleasure of visiting one afternoon while in Palm Springs. Not much to say here. Beautiful day, beautiful pool…it was hard to screw this one up 🙂

Oh, one note: I downloaded a trial of Unified Color’s HDR Express last night and used it to process this image. I was very impressed with how real the tonemapped result was and the edit you see here is not far off from the raw output. I’ll be using the trial for the next 30 days and I’ll try to keep you all updated on what I think of it.

Canon EOS 50D, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, 10mm, F 16, ISO 100

19 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. There is so much to enjoy in this shot! Between the colors, the sun bursts, and the reflections I am in heaven. Not to mention I really want to be here swimming in that pool!

    PS. I really like HDR Express. You may also like HDR Expose as it gives you a lot more control.

  2. This makes me want to be in Cancun sooner than later. In London Ontario, it’s been snowing today [and raining]. It is pretty crummy and this photo is a sign of hope for all of us in need of Vitamin D

  3. That reflection of the sunburst is amazing. I think that there are other elements to this image, but I really can’t see them past that reflection. 🙂 Great image.

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