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Repeat After Me… – heath ofee dot com

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something with an obscene amount of colour. This has been a conscious decision, as I know that when I first started with HDR processing, I went a little overboard with my saturation slider. However, I feel that this image is one that benefits from a large dose of colour, and I really tried to amplify the awesome pink graffiti on this old brick wall. I wanted the splash of colour to be the first thing people noticed and then let their eyes drift upwards to the spraypainted quote.

This abandoned warehouse in Niland, California was a great find. I’ve already shared a few images from this location, and I can’t wait to keep leading you all on a tour of the place πŸ™‚ Oh…and I apologize for the unavoidable F-bombs present in this frame. Hard to avoid them sometimes in places like this.

Canon EOS 50D, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, 20mm, F 11, ISO 100

9 thoughts on “Repeat After Me…

  1. It’s saturated, but not too saturated. It works very well! I also really like the sharpening in this shot! As you know, I have had similar issues with over saturation and have tried to desaturate, if anything, in Photomatix and bring it back up with the vibrance slider.

  2. Great photo! What a captivating shade of pink. Not sure where else you’d want to use that colour other than on a brick wall…you amplified it perfectly imo.

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