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This is Why We Use UV Filters – heath ofee dot com

I’m back from my trip to Palm Springs, and unfortunately, while I was there I had my first major camera gear accident. Until five days ago I have never dropped a camera, lens, flash…heck, I hadn’t even dropped a CF card, but my luck changed on Tuesday. I was shooting an awesome abandoned warehouse just outside Niland, CA with my brand new Promote Control. I had just set up for a wide shot of this van seat when I spotted a few shotgun shells lying around and thought they’d be a nice addition to the frame. So, I picked up the nearest shell and started walking over to the seat not thinking that my Promote was in my pocket and still attached to my camera. Before I could do anything, my camera was toppling over lens first and the Promote was pulled from my pocket…not a fun moment. Thankfully, my beloved 10-20mm lens was saved by the UV filter you see in the frame below, but the Promote didn’t do so well. I got two more sets of brackets out of it before it froze and then died. First day shooting with my new toy and I break it…brutal. So, what’s the lesson here? ALWAYS stick a UV filter on your lenses! You never know when they’ll save your ass.

I’ll probably take my Promote to the local camera shop to see if they can do anything to fix it…but I’m doubtful.

Canon EOS 50D, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, 20mm, F 11, ISO 100

15 thoughts on “This is Why We Use UV Filters

  1. Major bummer, Heath! It could have been a lot worse. Good advise on the use of filters. Well, statistically speaking, you’re done with camera accidents for 2011.

  2. I’ve always called UV filters “cheap insurance” and this is why! Glad to see everything is OK, minus a few bucks for a new filter!

    For the Promote, give them a call, or send them an email. They have pretty good customer support and may end up sending you a new one without much hassle!

  3. Huge bummer, dude. I hope things work out well for your PC. At least the 10-22 lives to shoot another day.

    I dig that you made the most of it with this shot, though. Trooper. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aw man, that sucks! I’ve dropped my camera once, lens down, but luckily nothing happened to it in the incident – I figured that I used my one chance right there though and, unlike cats, it won’t have 9 lives in it. Glad the UV saved the glass at least, though I have looked fleetingly at the promotes and know they don’t come cheap :o( Great shot above, by the way, loving the state of that seat!

  5. Tough break Heath… Glad the lens is OK though. Good luck getting the Promote fixed. You have a recommendation on a specific UV filter? I tried a couple and got some bad flare… If it’s any consolation, you still got a great shot there… Love the texture of the seat and shadow from the shell…

  6. Heath — Sorry to hear about the accident! +1 on contacting Promote, as their customer service has always seemed to be top-notch to me.

    Also, having done exactly what you did, I now hang the Promote from the tripod. I shortened up the strap and loop it around a knob… as long as you’re careful not to jostle things when you fire, it works out pretty well.

  7. Thats sucks – but at least you saved tha camera and lens. you’ll be kicing yourself I’m sure – but often these things are sent as reminders and I’m sure you’ll be super careful next time!

  8. I feel for you! The only time I ever broke a camera was in India, the night before my trip to the Taj Mahal when I fell and landed on my DSLR. The damage cost $300 to fix and left me shooting the Taj with a $150 point-and-shoot instead. Thank goodness I had that as a backup!

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