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Antix Caboose – heath ofee dot com

This is another shot from my trip to Invermere back in August. Brei’s family has a place there, so we try to get out as often as possible during the summer and fall months. In the summer, water sports dominate the local lake and there are plenty of fantastic golf courses in and around the Invermere area for those of us who don’t enjoy the water as much. When out there, I’m usually in full relaxation mode and don’t often get out to shoot many brackets, but the weather was less than ideal back in August so I felt the need to fill up a bit of my weekend with some shooting. Most of the decent shots I got were from along the train tracks along one edge of the lake, so I thought I’d share another one with you today.

Canon EOS 50D, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, 12mm, F 11, ISO 100, 3 Exposures

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