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Late Summer Fun – heath ofee dot com

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I took a made a trip to her family cabin in BC with my parents, sister, bro-in-law and two little nephews. We had some pretty great weather and had plenty of fun relaxing out on the deck and in the big back yard. I decided to shoot exclusively on film for the weekend, so I filled my camera with some Kodak Portra 400VC and did what I could with it.

To say I was excited to get the film developed would be an understatement. I had done a fair bit of reading up on the film I had chosen, and all reviews and sample photos I saw were fantastic – great colours, fine grain, nice contrast. Unfortunately, when I got the roll developed and scanned the negatives at home, it appeared that all of my shots came out underexposed by between one and two stops. I wasn’t impressed. I’m not exactly sure where the process broke down – poor processing by the lab, crummy scanning at home, (dare I say it) poor exposure control in camera? Regardless, I used the wonders of Lightroom to bring the images back to where they should have been without losing too much detail. I guess a bit more experimentation is in order.

Have a great weekend!

– Canon Elan 7
Canon 50mm f/1.4
Kodak Portra-400VC

11 thoughts on “Late Summer Fun

  1. Dexter! Well, underexposure aside the film looks great. I need to gather up the courage like you and just take film with me exclusively next time I shoot. Love the DOF in these shots.

  2. It looks like your post processing brought these images back nicely! The DOF in these shots are fantastic. There is always something special about the 50mm prime. There is something special about these shot that seem more intimate and warm. Maybe it’s the grain. Now you have me curious about pulling out my film camera again.

  3. Love these Heath! I am picking up a vintage film camera this weekend and will have to try some Porta! I have heard that some folks will set their ASA to 320 for 400 speed film to combat the underexposure… Haven’t tried it myself. My ELAN shutter was sticking so I have been film camera-less for a couple weeks 🙁

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