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Fields of Yellow – heath ofee dot com

I thought I’d switch things up for the last day of the week. While I have quite a few images shot on film from my time in Hawaii, I stumbled across this one and just couldn’t pass it up. Enjoy #FilmFriday 🙂

If you’re wondering exactly what camera I used to take this shot, it’s a Holga 135. I’m loving it so far, and the more I use it the more imperfections I start to get…which is the whole idea of shooting with a Holga, right?

10 thoughts on “Fields of Yellow

  1. Wow…this is awesome! Every time I see these it’s like taking a glimpse into the past. I’m considering buying one of these for my wife to slowly get her into photography. Do you guys know how the results from the Holga camera compare to a Holga lens?

  2. Wow that’s an awesome shot. Really cool. The sad part about this shot though, is if I’m right, That’s Black Mustard. It shouldn’t even be there at all…

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