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The title for this image is twofold today. Firstly, this image shows the awesome power of the Kicking Horse River. At one point, the river flowed overtop of the rock bridge that you see in this image. Over years and years of erosion, the water eventually carved its way through the rock and formed this amazing natural rock bridge over the river.

Secondly, this image shows the awesome power of graduated filters. While I always knew grads were extremely useful for landscapes such as these, it wasn’t until I bought some of my own and started using them that I really understood how fantastic they can be. This is a single exposure using a 2-stop graduated ND filter to bring the exposure in the sky even with that of the rest of the frame. I can’t tell you how excited I was to shoot frames like this, check my histogram, and see absolutely no blinkies. Revolutionary.

19 thoughts on “Awesome Power

  1. Very nice and even exposure, Heath. It’s awesome to see you enjoying lower density ND filters simply to get a good shot. Well done conveying the rapid movement of the water, too.

  2. Awesome image, awesome post, awesome filters

    I used to have a full set of grads for my 35mm outfit, need to update for the DSLR by the looks of things

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