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Little House on the Prairie – heath ofee dot com

I’ll admit, this shot is a bit of an experiment, and I’m willing to bet it’s not for everyone…but what’s the fun in producing the same ol’ stuff all the time, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a bit of work with textures before, but I’ve never used one that so obviously makes an image look like a painting. When I applied this brushstroke texture as a bit of fun, I ended up really liking the result. I think it adds a bit of extra depth and gives the shot a real tangible feeling…like you could reach out and touch all that texturing. I’m more than open to critique, so feel free to leave honest comments below.

Canon EOS 50D, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, 14mm, F 16, ISO 100, 1/160 sec

26 thoughts on “Little House on the Prairie

  1. I like it. It definitely makes it look more like a painting than a photo but like you said, whats the fun in doing the same thing all the time. Nice work.

  2. Fantastic texture man. I think you have become the texture master and I am but a pupil looking to learn. The texture you picked works really well and transforms this into an almost painted piece of art. Great job man!

  3. This is really cool looking. I mean, wow. I think the texture makes it, but even without, I would still like it. I wish my “experiments” turned out this good, lol.

    can’t stop looking at it…

  4. I think it’s great to play with these types of things and try them out, but I’m not a fan of using them yet. I’ve used one in my short time doing this lark, and feel that turned out well – but it was a texture over a room which was otherwise a little too bare for my liking and it needed a little something extra to make it work for me. I haven’t yet taken a shot where I think it would work well with, and was taken for, a particular texture – my mind simply does not work in that way. Likewise I haven’t got myself into the mindset of taking a photo purely for the purpose of using that as a texture in the future, which I know other photographers do.

    In your image above I like the texture purely because it adds another element to the image and what could otherwise be a shot without too much focal interest has been changed into a shot with that little bit extra now in it. For me it’s the texture itself which has added this, in particular because of how it appears in the clouds, but I don’t necessarily see the shot as being one that is a painting rather than a photo, I think I would need to see it printed and framed for my mind to question the actual method used.

  5. I think this Is more interesting with the texture. I can’t say the image would’ve grabbed me without it. I really think this works even if it isn’t your normal.

  6. Awesome work with the DOF and still making the house stand out, even though it’s so far away. It reminds me of a canvas print – something I’d want to hang on my wall. Might be a good way to make some print sales. 🙂

  7. Heath, I am just starting to play with textures myself, I think images using them are very subjective. Sometimes I think they work really well, sometimes I think they may detract from an overall image. I am finding that your image may be top quality, you also have to ensure that you use a high quality texture image, and then I think you need to experiment with blending modes and opacity.

    In the case of your image here. And this is just my own opinion, I think the texture gets lost in the foreground grass, and the pattern of the texture just does not do much for me. I applaud you for the effort and I will be interested in seeing more of your texture efforts in the future. Have you checked out Pete Talke’s textured images? Pete seems to be developing as an amazing practitioner of texture effects.

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