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Cagey – heath ofee dot com

This past weekend I was on call for work so I decided to make use of my time in an empty downtown Calgary by bringing my Canon FT-b with me. Loaded with a roll of Fuji NPH 400, I took to the streets and parks and came back with a few images I was happy with – this is one of them. #FilmFriday

– Canon FT-b
– Canon FD 50mm 1.4
– Fuji NPH 400
Hoya 55mm 3-stop ND
BlackRapid RS-4 Camera Strap

9 thoughts on “Cagey

  1. I honestly do not know how you managed to turn an ordinary bench into something so appealing, but man did you ever do just that. The comp and film just blew this outta the water. Great stuff, Heath!

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