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Gasoline Alley – L-29 Cord – heath ofee dot com

While our visitors from New Zealand were here last weekend, one of the spots we hit here in Calgary was Heritage Park. Going to Heritage Park is like taking a step back in time and it shows how some of the earliest Calgarians lived and worked. Probably the coolest part of the entire park is Gasoline Alley where a very large number of old vehicles are on display. I’m not a vintage car buff by any means, but I can definitely appreciate the beauty in these old cars. This week I’ll showcase a few detail shots of these vehicles here on the blog.

The car below is an L-29 Cord and was probably my favourite in the entire place. Such beauty and elegance – they just don’t make ’em like they used to 😉

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon 50mm f/1.4
BlackRapid RS-4 Camera Strap

13 thoughts on “Gasoline Alley – L-29 Cord

  1. I do so love old cars. They have so much character that the vehicles of today lack. I love the old straps used in this shot to help keep the tire in place. Fantastic stuff, Heath!

  2. I’ve been taking a lot of automotive images this summer, Heath, and I really appreciate what you have done with this image. I like the angle, the detail and your processing on this.

  3. Great shot of this Cord! I think the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn,Indiana has a similar car which was once owned by Frank Lloyd Wright. I really like the details on these older cars and you captured them nicely!

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