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onOne Takes On – heath ofee dot com

Last week I had the honour of having one of my unprocessed images be part of a new series of webinars put on by Brian Matiash of onOne Software. The series is called onOne Takes On and is all about exploring individual vision when processing images. I won’t go into great detail describing the webinar, but please take the time to watch this great webinar. The image you see below is the one I donated to the webinar, and was taken at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park.

If you like the tools you see used in the video, make sure to check out the amazing summer savings onOne is having right now. The Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 has never been greater value!

13 thoughts on “onOne Takes On

  1. Hey Heath, thank you again for being so kind with letting me use this stunning image on my webinar. It really meant a lot that you were so quick to help out.

    While I wish I could have been there in CA with you and Chris^2, I’m just as happy to live out the trip through your photo series.

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