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It’s that time of year here in Calgary. The self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’, The Calgary Stampede, is tearing up the city this week. For some, it’s a week of actual stampeding…bull riding, chuckwagon racing, steer wrestling, etc. But for most of the city it’s an excuse to dress like a cowboy for 10 days and drink your face off as often as possible. I try to stay away from either extreme, and if I could, I’d be away on vacation every year during this time. I’ve been in this city for over 25 years and I enjoyed the Stampede for a good number of them…but now I’m just sick of it all. So, since I’m still in the city for it this year, I figured I’d do Stampede my way: with a camera and a tripod 🙂

I made my way down to the grounds two nights ago, did a bit of candid shooting before the sun went down and then pulled out the tripod for a few long exposures of the midway. I was battling rain after sunset, so I didn’t get as many shots as I’d have liked, but I’m satisfied with the few I did get.

20 thoughts on “Pinwheel

  1. Damn dude this is incredible! This shot really shows off your vision and versatility as a photographer. You constantly push yourself into new territory and never disappoint.

  2. Heath – great minds think alike! I was going to post a link to an identical shot I have from this year’s Austin Rodeo carnival but it seems I haven’t posted it so I’ll add it to the queue for this week.

    I hope we can look forward to more shots from the stampede later!

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