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Meet Chris – heath ofee dot com

Since I started this blog almost a year ago, I’ve learned an awful lot about photography and I’ve applied quite a bit of this knowledge to help further my skillset as a photographer. Aside from this though, the most important thing that has happened since I started this blog has been the forging of new relationships. Through the magic of social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, I’ve become good friends with a number of like-minded individuals – something that never would have happened just a few years ago. Although I haven’t had the chance to meet most of these people in the flesh, I did get the chance to meet two such people last month. Chris Lazzery and Chris Halford made the long journey from the northeastern US to the Canadian Rockies for a week of shooting, and I was lucky enough to join them for a weekend. While the shooting was amazing, the best times of the weekend were had sitting around the table in our rental condo chatting about our passion…and snapping photos of each other, of course 😉 So, everybody, meet Chris Halford (he likes red wine):

11 thoughts on “Meet Chris

  1. Oh man, one of the many iterations of my very, very close friend. You did a wonderful job of bringing out the axe murderer qualities that he embodies.

    But in all seriousness, really nice layers using DoF. You couldn’t ask to know a kinder, funnier, and smarter person.

  2. One of the ONLY pictures of me that turned out (I break cameras).
    The weekend was fantastic!

  3. Hiya Chris! Great shot here Heath, this is so cool. I totally agree with you too. I’ve made some friendships that before all the social media/blogging world would have never been possible!

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