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Our Tower – heath ofee dot com

Time for the 3rd installment of #FilmFriday here on the blog. Today, the first urban shot I’ve posted from my Holga.

For anyone who lives in or has visited Calgary, this should be a familiar sight. For those of you who have never been to my hometown, this is a view from below the Calgary Tower, the most recognizable piece of architecture in the city. While it may not be as tall or impressive as the CN Tower in Toronto or the Space Needle in Seattle, it’s our tower, and we’re proud of it.

12 thoughts on “Our Tower

  1. I am familiar with “Calgary Tower” but i have never seen it before from this view………Really your angle of perception is very good and appreciable….you have a power to make things alive from your camera…..Good job done…keep doing.

    Thank You

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