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Marble Canyon – heath ofee dot com

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning for what would hopefully be a day of fruitful shooting. My first stop (other than the side of the road for yesterday’s image) was Marble Canyon. Just west of the TransCanada Highway along the 93, Marble Canyon is a pretty impressive display of the erosive power of water. Over the years, Tokumm Creek has whittled it’s way through the mountain rock and at it’s deepest point the canyon must be almost 100 feet deep. The pathway to the top of the canyon is relatively short, but well worth the trek. The sheer power of the falls at the top is absolutely amazing…and a little bit deafening. Today’s shot is of Tokumm Creek just before it makes it’s plunge to the canyon floor.

I’m sure some of you may be wondering what happened to all the trees. Well, a lightning strike in 2003 set this entire forest ablaze for a few days, destroying a jawdropping amount of trees. While this seems sad, it’s natural for these forests to go through these type of changes every few hundred years. It leads to new growth and helps to revitalize the ecosystem.

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  1. Outstanding! While it’s sad to see all the dead trees, I think they really add to this since they highlight the great contrast between the sharp starkness of the trees and rock and the silky smooth water of the river.

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