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I saw Elton John perform on Saturday night. What an amazing show. He played for a solid 2.5 hours and made the rounds through all his old hits…exactly what we were all there to hear. He is a true performer, and both he and his band are absolutely stellar musicians. It was great to see a legend like Elton play live.

I didn’t take my DSLR to the show with me, but I did stick my X100 in my pocket. Obviously, the little camera didn’t afford me any great closeup shots of Elton or his band, but it did allow me to experiment with the settings necessary for concert photography (something I’ve never done before). So, while there’s nothing terribly special about my shot today, what was important was the learning experience.

Fujifilm Finepix X100, Fujinon 23mm f/2.0, 23mm, F 2.0, ISO 1600, 1/250 sec

8 thoughts on “Elton

  1. This photo should be included in the sleeve of Elton’s next live album. It may not be a closeup, but I can still feel the energy of the crowd in this shot. Nice work.

  2. I saw him in Pittsburgh a few months back, it was an incredible show!!!! I got a shot very similar to this one, as I just had my Canon S95 with me. Awesome colors you’ve captured here!

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