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Ribcage – heath ofee dot com

Another simple architectural composition today.

These interesting design elements are in the brand new Eighth Avenue Place building in downtown Calgary. Between each elevator bank, these rib-like structures stretch from just overhead all the way to the ceiling meters above. I’m not sure if they’re actually functional, but they do kind of look like they form the ribcage of main foyer.

Fujifilm Finepix X100, Fujinon 23mm f/2, 23mm, F 4.0, ISO 200, 1/80 sec

22 thoughts on “Ribcage

  1. Sweet shot Heath. I was totally expecting something else from the title, but instantly saw the inspiration once the image loaded. Great work man!

  2. I’m loving these shots from this camera…must resist any temptation to pick one up! Are the end results posted drastically different from the out of camera shots?

  3. Heath I’m loving your recent images with the Fuji… I have a mini-Leica that I’ve all but shelved but you’ve inspired me to charge it back up 🙂

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