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Aarrrr! – heath ofee dot com

Yesterday was my oldest nephews’ 3rd birthday party, and he and his parents decided on a pirate theme. I thought it might be cool to get some fun pirate props and set up a photobooth somewhere in the house where the guests could ham it up in front of the camera. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a bit of an experiment, but (for the most part) I’m quite happy with how the shots turned out.

This was my setup:

– Canon 50D paired with 24-105mm on a tripod with cable release
– Single 430ex slightly above and camera right through a shoot through umbrella @ full power, triggered by cheap Cactus V5 wireless triggers
– White sheet for a backdrop

I wanted the guests to feel like they could do whatever they wanted in front of the camera without me being there to make them nervous, so taped my cable release to a tripod leg, set the camera to the 10 second self timer and left instructions on which button to press on the release. People seemed to love it!

So, if you have any specific questions about the setup or if you have any pointers on what I could do better next time, I’d love to hear them! For now, here’s a self-pirate-portrait…enjoy 🙂 (Oh, and forgive the shoddy cloning in this shot…it was late last night and I just wanted to get something up!)

Canon EOS 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L, 24mm, F 5.0, ISO 100, 1/200 sec

17 thoughts on “Aarrrr!

  1. Awesome, that is so cool and great setup. The cactus v5 is a great wireless trigger, better than the pt-04, and it can go up to 1/1000 sync speed.

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