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Willow – heath ofee dot com

Everyone, meet Willow. Willow, this is everyone!

Before the parents and child were ready for my family shoot last week, I couldn’t resist snapping a few frames of their adorable cat, Willow. While I’m not really a cat person (I’m ridiculously allergic to them), this shot almost has me converted. Those bright eyes and cute little nose are just irresistable!

It seems lately like I’ve been a little schizophrenic with my posting…HDR urbex, to child portraits…architecture, to pet photography. This is all part of me trying to expand my photographic horizons. Trying new things is extremely valuable, and I really love sharing all these different types of photos with you guys…hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as I am 🙂

Canon EOS 50D, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4, 50mm, F 1.4, ISO 800, 1/200 sec

21 thoughts on “Willow

  1. Wonderful! You were able to capture her expression of ‘tolerating the human’ while you were shooting this! I’m enjoying your diverse captures of late.
    ps – I KNEW it was going to be furry adorableness.
    pps – pfffft to Mike’s comment about cats. 😉

  2. We love cats, they run our house! GREAT capture here Heath, I love the composition and the facial expression you grabbed in Willow here! What a beautiful cat, and a gorgeous photo. I’d say you are brilliant at whatever you tackle, photographically, my friend!

  3. I think it’s cool that you are “all over the place” a year ago I was just a landscape photographer, now I like urban and still life too!!!!

    Awesome shot!

  4. Thats awesome – great focus and light and Willow looks SO cute. I know cats can be a bit hard to shoot – I’ve tried with Viveca’s Jasper – he just won’t sit still!

  5. Heath-

    Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy, who allow me and the family to share the house send their regards to Willow, they think she is an attractive babe…

    Do continue diversifying and sharing it with us.

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