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Vatican Poste – heath ofee dot com

I’m cheating a bit today. I was out late having a few beers and playing ping-pong and darts (that’s right, ping-pong), so I didn’t have any time to process a new image. So, I’m posting an old shot from my trip to Italy in May of 2009.

This is probably my favourite shot from my brief time in Rome. The simple composition, the blast of colour, and the rich texture just really grab me. Happy Friday, everyone!

Canon EOS 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L, 45mm, F 7.1, ISO 100

9 thoughts on “Vatican Poste

  1. It’s probably strange how much I love this shot given how simple it is but the colors and textures are just awesome. This would be great hanging in my kitchen 😉

  2. This really is a simple and clean shot. But, as you say, the colors and texture are just awesome. And simple is a good thing… reminds me of that old saying – KISS – keep it simple stupid 😛 Nice job, Heath!

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