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Abstract Symmetry – heath ofee dot com

Well, I worked on this image late last night just before heading to bed, and I seem to remember being happy with it. However, looking at it this morning, I feel like it could use a bit more cleaning up. There still appears to be a bit of haloing around the top of the tanks, and there’s a weird artifact at the top of the left stair railing.

What do you guys think? Still need a bit of work? Do you notice the same things I do? Any and all feedback is welcome!

Canon EOS 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L, 35mm, F 11, ISO 100, 5 Exposures

13 thoughts on “Abstract Symmetry

  1. If anything, just be careful with aggressively processing the HDR and the stylization. There is a bit of bleed occurring at the edges where there is a high contrast from the sharp lines of the silos and hand rails. There isn’t much in terms of dynamic range here so try stylizing an original bracket and see if it’s better.

    Still, an excellent comp.

  2. I’m with Jim on this one. Really didn’t notice anything until you said it. Even so, it’s still minimal. The composition of this takes over, well done!

  3. I love the simplicity, symmetry and geometry of this shot. The composition, with the prominent space in the center, is somewhat jaarring to me but this is fine given the content.

    I’ll probably get shouted down for this given the other commenters but I bet this shot would have been just as good without having been processed as an HDR. I would love to see what the center exposure looked like with just a bit of tweaking in Photoshop.

    I really enjoy tank shots, especially when the play of light over the curved surface is included. Here the tanks are pretty close to back-lit so you miss that. Looking at these, I would be tempted to stick on a long lens and try to capture the shadows cast by the stairs in the top left. It looks like there’s some interesting stuff going on up there too.

  4. I like it. Like the others mentioned above, a stronger mix of the 0 or -1 RAW in the sky and stair railings would help to eliminate your minor issues. Not much light on the stairs anyway, so it would be ok if they were silo’s. I like the symetry of the comp very much. Well done.

  5. Honestly, Heath, my first thought when I saw this shot was that it was one of your better shots. I did not notice the haloing on the right silo initially, or the artifact on the left. The symmetry here is amazing and I think you did the best you could have with the composition.

  6. I’m with Jim, Jesse and Matt…until I looked for them I didn’t see anything out of sorts with this. Another great shot HOF!

  7. I agree with Brian that this is one of the best shots seen of yours. I like how you created symmetry b/w the tanks while effectively using negative space.

    In addition, I would love to see how you would process this without HDR. I bet it would look awesome in B&W.

  8. I agree with others: Might not have noticed, at least not right away.

    Since it’s low dynamic range to begin with, perhaps try using Enfuse (or ImageFuser on the Mac.) That should bring the dynamic range to bear without causing some of the halo artifacts. Heck, it’s free, so it’s worth a try.

    Also agree that it’s a killer comp, great use of ‘ma’.

  9. Thanks so much to everyone for their kind words and great suggestions! Based on the feedback, you may be seeing a second version of this shot in the future!

    Thanks again for taking the time…very much appreciated!

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