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Dexter! (the puppy, not the TV show) – heath ofee dot com

Apparently a lot of people have been asking Brei to see some new photos of Dexter, and truthfully it’s probably about time I did a mini-shoot for him! He turned 1 in April and I haven’t really taken any photos of him since we got him last summer. Last week I rented the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 for the 4 shoots I had (those photos to come soon) and decided to snap a few shots of the pup while we were over at my parents place for a barbeque on Saturday. I absolutely love the subject isolation this lens affords with the wide aperture, and the bokeh quality is pretty nice too (after renting this lens for only a week, I can already see myself getting addicted to fast primes…pocketbook beware!). All of the photos in the slideshow below were shot at F 1.8 and I think they turned out awesome!

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