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Art Parkade Walkway at the U of C – heath ofee dot com

This past weekend I decided to take a nostalgic photo walk through the University of Calgary campus. I hadn’t been back there since I graduated a few years ago and I thought it would be kinda neat to see what (if anything) had changed. Everything was just as I remembered with the exception of the brand new Taylor Family Digital Library (still under construction) and all the scaffolding and false walls in the engineering building…apparently they’re doing a bit of a fix-up job there.

The brown grass and leafless trees of early spring don’t make for particularly pretty photos, so I stayed indoors and shot anything I found interesting. Symmetry was a common theme at the university so played around with that for a change since I typically try to place my focal point off centre (rule of thirds). I also let myself into some lecture theatres and will be making a few lecture hall panoramas in the coming weeks. For now, here’s the first image I shot upon my arrival at the U of C:

Canon EOS 50D, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5, 10mm, F 11, ISO 100, 3 Exposures

This is the skywalk from the Art Parkade to Craigie Hall. I almost kept walking once I got through the doors from the parkade but I’m glad I stopped to shoot this hallway. Converging lines are so much fun!

The details: 3 exposure HDR (-2,0,+2) tonemapped in Photomatix, masking in Photoshop, noise reduction using Noiseware (unbelievable results!), final tweaks in Lightroom. Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Art Parkade Walkway at the U of C

  1. This is a cool shot — all those lines leading toward a vanishing point. The first thing I thought when I saw the image on buzz was “I bet he got Noiseware”. I noticed right away that the noise that was in some previous shots wasn’t in this one. It is unbelievable how well it works, isn’t it? Good work. HDR is fun stuff, no?

    1. Thanks Michael! Pretty cool that you were able to pick out that I got Noiseware…it really is unbelivable. I think I spent a good 5 minutes just going through a 100% view of my photo looking at the before and after over and over again. Thanks for the recommendation, Noiseware will be a permanent part of my HDR workflow now. And yes, I’m having an absolute blast toying with the HDR thing.

  2. You know, as much as I appreciate the shot, it’s well captured, its peaceful its a nice shot.. I personally just dont really like the picture.. maybe its just too boring.. Its a nice picture just not my style.. it just reminds me of a hallway.. hallways arent inspiring… you know what i mean? haha… Im not taking away anything from this picture… It just looks like a cafeteria hallway… but thats why im not a critic… cause I cant look past the things that i dont like you know…Maybe you should try cleaning up that semi truck picture in noiseware and then printing me a copy and framing it… then ill be happier with this picture probably…

    I still love you heath… even though i dont love this picture…


  3. Hey Heath,

    First I wanted to say congratulations on the engagement!!!

    Also, I have walked through this hall numerous times, and this is the first and only time it has looked so wonderful.
    You have taken something that is well…ugly..and turned it into a beautiful photo! Nice Job!!


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